Frequently Asked Questions

Is there only one charge after I have bought the credit

Yes. Depending on salary level you either pay $1,500 or $2,500. And that includes assisting you to create the best ad possible to attract the best candidates, posting the ad to our global network, and the personal attention of a dedicated researcher to find passive applicants by email and on LinkedIn for example.

Is the charge per vacancy or per person?

The charge is per vacancy. If you have several vacancies you still only pay the single flat fee. All the candidates we send you are yours; we've done our work and don't think it's fair to charge you any more money. Many of our clients will multi hire, or look to build up their own database of candidates that they can go back to a later date.

Your fees so much less than a recruitment agency? Why?

Traditional recruitment agencies spend a lot of (your) time and money competing with other agencies to fill vacancies and typically only win 1 in 8 of the positions on their books. They have significant staffing and office overheads to cover. So they charge a lot to cover their risk.

the other hand, we put the tools many of them use at your fingertips and have created a highly efficient business model to do that. That is why we can afford to give you the benefit of a low flat fee.

What is the service difference compared with a traditional recruitment agency?

We give you all the sophisticated advertising, filtering and processing tools to make your own final choice. We don't waste any of your valuable time pestering and hassling you to choose a candidate as we chase the fee. Our service is dedicated to supporting your professional decision making, not trying to manipulate it.

Most importantly, our service has been additionally designed and optimised to attract qualified candidates from the global audience of professional expats.

Can you attract suitable candidates for all kinds of vacancy?

With the truly global coverage that is built into the service, we believe that there would be very few types of vacancy that would not be filled in this way. If you have any questions just call to ask our honest opinion for any given job description.

Many good candidates don't look at ads. How do you get to them?

We call those people 'passive candidates'. And it is true, for certain types of vacancy the best candidates are often best found directly. For this reason we assign a dedicated researcher to every vacancy to search jobs board’s databases, LinkedIn, other social media sites. They will then be contacted directly and made aware of the opportunity.

Our website has its own careers page. Why do we need you?

Our service actually enhances the effectiveness of your career's page. Unless your website's career's page is consistently getting large numbers of high quality hits you will not be getting the steady stream of quality applicants your business deserves. Our global reach will complement your local web presence to deliver the best of both worlds.

What if none of the applicants is suitable for my vacancy?

No recruitment company can guarantee to fill every vacancy you have. Our low flat fee takes this into account.

However if this was the case, we have teamed up with a search and selection agency who will take that vacancy on, and then minus the cost of I-expatriate from their fee,  effectively making it risk free for our clients.