Online Interview

I-expatriate has teamed up with Mega Meeting to bring you the latest in online video conferencing technologies. Better yet it's free for all our clients! If you have ever used video conferencing before, you're aware you have to download the software, install the program, find your meeting, and then dial in for audio. Surely this could be easier?

With I-expatriate we have made the whole process as simple as possible, there is no need to download anything, and no need to install anything, simply click a link and your browser opens up automatically ready to start your interview!

Just because it's easy doesn't mean we don't have all the functionality you would expect from an installable piece of software. You can interview one on one, or conference in with other employees.

You can share screens, and open documents up for discussion. All lines are on dedicated servers that are confidential and secure.

Companies are lowering the cost's associated with recruitment in many ways, and I-expatriate is here to help.